About : Galaxy 360 ICS, is a new ROM prepared from the home name Gravity 360,
this is based on an android 4.0.3 port of ICS and till now its pretty great for an Alpha, soon with a bit more fixes, it can be used for daily use for people who "don't" use camera much.

I hope my port benefit's you users.

Working :
*O.C to 691mhz stable710Mhz or 748Mhz on Performance
*Stable no reboots
*2D Rendering fixed(Gameplay Improvement)
*USB Cable and SD Mount
*Framebuffer fixed so no more flickering
*Touchscreen improved
*Audio and other drivers improved (has Audio increase distortions)

Has :
*init.d support
*jit enabled
*O.C 748mhz
*Fast rom

Broken :
*Softkey Light(works,vibrates but doesn't light up.)
*Full HW Acceleration
*including gallery, added Es file explorer, you can view an set wallpapers from the app.
*And Minors.

Download : www.360gravity.tk under ICS Roms.