which is also known as CherryMobile Magnum, Wellcomm A99, Spice CSL Mi 410

[Features Working]

  • Touch Panel support for menu navigation
  • Advanced Backup option for backing up in either TAR or IMG format. (Might be useful for Custom ROM developers using dsixda's kitchen)
  • Restore
  • Install From Zip
  • ADB recovery support
  • Mounting sd card as USB storage device from recovery


  • One of these mobiles: CherryMobile Magnum, Wellcomm A99, Spice CSL Mi 410etc. (with any ROM installed, rooted / un-rooted)
  • USB data cable

[Installation Instructions]

[Using CWM recovery]
  • Copy CWM recovery-fb0-v5_signed.zipin sdcard
  • Boot into recovery (Steps are given below for how-to-boot-into-recovery)
  • Use "install zip from sdcard" option
  • Locate and choose CWM recovery-fb0-v5_signed.zip from sdcard for instllation
  • After installation reboot into recovery (advanced > Reboot recovery)

USB cable]
  • Extract recovery.img from CWM recovery-fb0-v5_signed.zip
  • Power off your phone. Now press Volume UP + Power button to enter in Download mode (Please keep Volume UP button pressed for a second before pressing Power button)
  • Connect your phone to PC via USB and wait until USB-Storage device appears on your PC (In Linux, you might see loads of new devices being mounted. But we are concerned about the device with name as 'FIH')
  • Replace file recovery.img inside the folder image (In windows, X:\image\, where X is drive letter for new USB device)
  • Safely remove USB device to ensure complete file copy
  • Disconnect phone from PC
  • Remove battery of your phone to power off and then start it again.

[Instructions to boot into recovery]

[Using ADB]
  • If your phone is up and running then connect it to PC
  • Issue following command through terminal / Command prompt

[Without PC - Using your phones hardware keys]
  • Power off your phone
  • Now press Volume UP + Volume DOWN + Power (As said before, please press Volume keys for a second before pressing Power button)
  • The phone will take few seconds (5 - 10 secs) to boot into recovery mode (It will show splash screen before booting into recovery)


[Touch inputs]
  • Use touch panel buttons at the bottom of screen for navigations.
  • Hover finger over menu buttons on screen and lift your finger on desired selection when it gets highlighted.
  • Use touch panel's back or device key's back button for return action.
  • Check out this video to know how about.
[Device keys]
  • Select = Power & Search
  • Move Up = Home & Vol-Up
  • Move Down = Menu & Vol-Down
  • Back = Back
Please refer to his post and image for for more details.
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  • Currently gesture support is not included for menu navigation.
  • Same issue with using "USB Safely remove" option. Please refer to this thread for possible solutions. [Unofficial][Recovery][Ideos X6] CWM Recovery [Update]
  • Beware, some of your earlier Backups might just show md5sum mismatch. [happened with me] So just keep earlier recovery update.zip in /sdcard, just in case.
  • The backup format for this recovery is .tar and not .img, this is done [not by me, by koush and CWM developers ] to reduce size of each backup. So, backup generated by using this version are not supported by earlier Recovery releases. But this release can use earlier releases' backup.


I am not to be held liable/responsible if you damage your phone by following/not following this thread.


  • koush for his CWM bootable recovery sources.
  • Steam recovery sources by SteamMOD for touch input related modifications.

P.S.: I have purposefully kept same format as for my older post of CWM Recovery v3, so that it will be helpful for any new user to grasp everything at single place.